Guitar gear - Axe-FX II and LF+12+ Pedal Board

Pedal Board 3-B

This is the way I have it currently set up. Three expression pedals and one foot switch which does tempos. Below I've added the Ernie Ball Volume pedal, but it didn't fit on the Pedal Train-2 pedal board and it seemed to be overkill at the moment. I can get by with three pedals!

LF and pedalsa

This is where the LF+12+ goes. The Fractal Axe Fx II. The Randall is an old, but light solid state power amp I use for live gigs. Doing jazz it gives me more than enough clean power.  Oh and did I say it was LIGHT weight? 

Axe Fx II in home rack© Henry Robinett 2012