Music Lessons

What Will I Learn?

In short you will learn the sum-total of all I know from my 40 plus years as a professional guitarist and teacher. At its most basic I will teach you how to learn, if you’re a willing student. I mean ACTUALLY how to learn. And this you can take anywhere, for any subject!

  • You will learn how to solo on any song, without having heard it before, in any style.
  • You’ll learn all the chords and how to construct them yourself.
  • You’ll learn how to read and be conversant in the language of music.
  • You’ll be able to walk into a band situation, school big band, professional gigs, what have you, and read a chart down cold. You’ll learn the music terminology and theory without even knowing you’re learning theory because it’s all applied!
  • You’ll learn how to play rhythm guitar in any stye, from rock and roll to funk or jazz. We will cover basic finger picking and learn some classical pieces.
  • You can get trained like a studio musician, so if anyone requires your services, whether it’s someone with a home or professional studio or who wants to hire you as an “on call” live ace, you’ll be trained to handle it.
  • You’ll learn the blues and a lot of jazz tunes.
  • You’ll learn how to improvise, which is actually a key ingredient to being able to write songs quickly. You’ll learn to trust yourself and your own instinct as a musician.

Some videos of me doing one of my favorite things: inprovising.