The Henry Robinett Group


Our very first CD. The Henry Robinett Group received four stars in Downbeat Magazine. Jazziz gave it a great review and wrote a wonderful article. Philadelphia Inquirer, and many other magazines were writing about us. This was also the era before there was such a thing as smooth jazz.


"Accidentally, came across this album many years ago. Still have it on a cassette, the only cassette remained to this day, Having no longer a cassette player, decided to buy this wonderful album in mp3 format and now I am enjoying it again after a 20 years break. So it turns out that the great music never dies, it's timeless" — I.C.

"One of the finest contemporary, albeit , eclectic, "I play what I play", jazz albums I have ever heard. I have seen Henry in person, too many times to count, and this album is a representation of the songs this man has done in venues as Melarkeys & On Broadway in Sacramento, CA., in days past. Simply a stand out piece that no one who ever buys this album will ever be disappointed in. This artist, this man, is pure genius and just seems to get better with every endevour he involves himself with. Bravo, Henri, Bravo! Oh, and lets not forget the "group" in the Henry Robinett Group., which consists of rare extraordinary talent in the fiber of Rick Lotter (drums, percussion), Erik Klevin (Bass personified), Joe Gilman (keyboards & scholar of all things), & last but certainly NOT least, the righteously, amazing guitar player, Henry Robinett, who my ears and mind have NEVER heard such moving riffs and delicate melodies. I have been known to cry listening to Henry and this group. Not ashamed, just profoundly grateful for the memories he and the group have provided.

"But watch out folks: "WARNING, WARNING: This album may cause an addiction complex due to it's intense sound integrity and beautiful structure (composition ain't bad either). I suggest buying this vinyl, CD, MP3 download or whatever media floats your boat, but be careful when listening to it and monitor your listening habits or whatever. I warned you! Oh hell, just buy it and enjoy. Pass it on to your kids, relatives, friends. They will thank you for it, to believe" — R.P.