Studio Gear


MacPro 3.46 ghz Quad and Mac Pro 3.46 Quad Core - both with 32 gig ram; iPad2 Controller, MacBookPro for some remote work. 


Digital Performer 9.51, Pro Tools 9, Logic, Reason, Ableton Live 10, Ivory II, Vienna Ensemble Pro, Ominisphere, Keyscape, Diva, Altiverb7, Relab LX480, UAD-2-Solo PCIe and Firewire Satellite Duo, UVI Falcon, Toon Tracks Superior Drummer 3, Steven Slate Drums,  Melodyne, Kontakt5, Battery 4, Dimension LE Proteus, M1/Wavestation,  Lounge Lizard, DSP-Quattro, Auto Tune, Metric Halo Spectrafoo, Channel Strip and DSP. 


Metric Halo ULN-8 (x4), ULN-2, Millennia HV-3 8 channel mic pre, Fractal Axe Fx III,  Fractal AX8, Lexicon PCM91, Lexicon MPX-500, Roland SDE-1000 Digital Delay, SPX90 (#2), Yamaha REV-7, Sansamp, MOTU MTPavUSB/and MTP original. 


NHTPro M-00 and S-00, the sub-woofer; EV Sentry 100A, Auratone 5C. 


Yamaha MX88 weighted keyboard, Yamaha KX88 weighted keyboard, Gretsch Renown 5 piece drums set, Roland D50/D550, Ensoniq VFXsd, Micro Moog, AXON AX50 Guitar midi converter, Yamaha TX-801, TX-1, Roland R8 drum controller. 


Fractal Axe Fx III and AX8, 1965 Deluxe Reverb modified by Wade Stewart, Seymour Duncan 100 Convertible,  Gallien-Kruegar Backline 115 Bass amp, Peavy 112PM powered floor monitor (for keyboard for rehearsal).

Alesis RS-150, QSC GX3, Randall RRM 2-80 solid state guitar power amp.



 Sennheiser MD 441, RE-16 (2) RE20, 421 (2), Audix D2 (3), ATM25, SM57 (4)


AEA 44CE, AEA R84 , Royer 121, Peluso tube ribbon TR-14 (2), Peluso TR-14, 

 Large Diaphragm Condensors: 

Bock 251, Peluso 22 47LE, Peluso 22 47, Peluso P-12(2), Baby Bottle, AT4050 (2), AT3035, MXL V69 (2).

 Small Diaphragm Condenser: 

Peluso  CEMC-6 (2), Peluso P28 Tube Pencil (2), Oktava MK012 (4),© Henry Robinett 2012