New Studio under construction!


I’ll put some pictures up to show progress. 

July 5, 2018

Studio MX88

Tracking Room guitar and keyboard side. Yamaha MX88, Seymour Duncan Convertible guitar amp, Fractal AX8 with expression pedals, 1965 Deluxe Reverb, Xitone powered monitors for guitar. 

2018-07-05 17.46.01

Control Room - Yamaha KX-88 keyboard controller, ES-355 Gibson, 4 ULN-8s 3d, Mac Pro 5,1 3.46 GZ (one of two), Axe Fx III, EV Sentry 100A, NHT Pro M-00 and S-00 subwoofer below. Maybe I went overboard on the wall acoustic panels?  They sound great. I might not need them behind the monitors. Looks cluttered but it sounds great. 


Just about there!  7/1/18. Most of the traps are up. We used french cleats on a track so they’re all moveable. I have four gobos in the corners of the main tracking room. That’s because they too are moveable and I can use them when and where needed. Even the clouds are on a track with wheels with stops so I can adjust them or even add.  There’s room for me to add another ceiling panels to both the tracking and control rooms. I have extra panels so I can place them as I find I may need them.  Or when tracking drums I might place one behind the drum set. 

I still have two smaller tracking rooms to do.  An ISO room which was the laundry room.  We removed the washer/dryer, sealed up the holes and are building two bass traps to go where the washer/dryer were. But these are removable traps, so I can place them where I want if I’m not using the ISO room. Then there’s the kitchen.  I’m not going to do too much treatment there.  There simply isn’t the space.  A couple of panels.  It has the window facing the drummer and control room.  It sounds a little wonky.  But I think it’ll be OK in a pinch.  I’ll just have to see.

The sound is really remarkable.  I’m hearing things on recordings I’ve listened to a lot over the years I’ve never heard before.  This is going to be fun!

2018-06-28 12.56.47
2018-06-28 12.56.11
2018-06-28 12.56.16
2018-06-28 12.56.31
2018-06-28 12.57.26
The CR 7:1:18

June 1, 2018

Wood laminate floors.

2018-06-01 19.09.22
2018-06-01 19.09.05
2018-06-01 19.08.55
2018-06-01 19.08.48
2018-06-01 19.08.44
2018-06-01 19.08.33

May 13, 2018

Control room door wall furnace

The Control Room.  The wall furnace is coming out. There’s going to be a double pane window next to it. We just put in the mini split on the right wall. The speakers will be facing the other way, on the back wall.  Not enough room for them here. Fairly small room for a control room.  Oh well. 

List of studio gear

Guitars and studio gear 2

Control Room:Bedroom 1

Another view of the future control room.

Control Room:Bedroom wall furnace door inside

Below - Control Room facing speakers. 

Control Room:Bedroom window2arrow

Below are views of the future tracking room. 9 foot ceiling!  The wall furnace and AC are being removed next week. There will be a window where the wall furnace is, extending to the left. That window will also be gone.  We’re pulling the disgusting carpet this week as well!  

Tracking Room towards control

We’re putting two layers of drywall up, with an air gap to help with sound proofing. Later we’re putting a bunch of acoustic panels. 

Tracking Room looking toward yard

Tracking Room from kitchen bar

Here’s the tracking room from the kitchen.  The little bar will be sealed up with double layer of drywall and an air gap. AH!! Last minute change of plans!  I’m going to put a little mic and headphone panel and use the kitchen for another iso recording room, in case we can use it.  So I’ve decide to put in a double pane window where that space is!  Just decided it an hour ago.  We’ll still keep it as a kitchen though.  Stove, sink, refrigerator, sink. 

Below are photos of May 14, 2018

Deconstruction tracking room  4
Deconstruction control room
Deconstruction tracking room  5

The carpet has been pulled.  Now we’re waiting for drywall work, painting and then laminate wood flooring. 

TR to CR empty furnace bare floor2
TR to CR bare floor
TR to CR empty furnace bare floor
CR bare floor window
Floor CR door to Tracking

May 17, 2018

The wall mic and phone panels (other plugin goodies too!) Before drywall.

Both tracking panels pre
Control room panels in hand
Control room panels on chiar 2
Control room wall panels

Control Room panels. 32 channels I/O

2018-05-18 09.36.02

Tracking Room 1 panel

2018-05-18 09.35.08

Tracking Room 2 panel

May 23

2018-05-23 12.59.02
2018-05-23 12.58.54
2018-05-23 12.08.37
2018-05-23 12.08.33
Tracking Room track lighting with window
Tracking Room track lighting with window
Control Room window goes in
2018-05-29 17.58.38
2018-05-27 17.46.07
2018-05-27 17.46.00
2018-05-27 17.45.56
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