Reviews for Jazz Standards Vol 1 THEN

May 4, 2020

There have been LOTs of reviews in on Jazz Standards Vol 1, Then!

Wonderful to see Henry Robinett’s “Jazz Standards, Vol. 1: Then” on the CD HotList’s recommended purchases for libraries. Thanks so much to Rick Anderson for making this CD a “Rick’s Pick!”

“Robinett’s tone is warm and burnished, but not too soft, and the whole group swings mightily. Highlight track: a gorgeous uptempo version of “The Way You Look Tonight.” For all jazz collections.”

April 24, 2020. The Art Music Lounge by Lynn Rene Bayley. “This album is superb because Robinett is superb… This is surely one of those rare albums where “conventional” jazz meets high creativity, and this marriage pays off in spades.”

“I think even Django Reinhardt would have really enjoyed what Robinett does here, and there is no higher praise from me than that.”

April 23, 2020. Bebop Spoken Here (UK) by Lance Liddle  “Guitar albums don’t come any better than this – and nor do piano albums! Robinett swings along with the fluency of say, Kessel, Ellis or Pass aided and abetted by a solid rhythm section.”

April 10, 2020  Musical Memoirs by Dee Dee McNeil (reiteration of L.A. Jazz Scene review)

April 8, 2020. L.A. Jazz Scene by Dee Dee McNeil (COVER STORY).  “It’s always Henry Robinett’s sensitive guitar playing that keeps this music exciting and creative. Robinett has a way of unfolding each song, like the chapters of an intriguing book. He inspires the listener to go forward and hear the next one and the one after that. His tone is pure and he’s a master improviser, using long, eclectic lines in his guitar phrasing… beautifully played treasure of standard jazz songs, bebop influenced jazz that never grows old. His group is smokin’ hot!“

April 7, 2020  Midwest Record by Chris Spector “This set of chestnuts has two layers of fresh baked into it as it shows how forward thinking he was in his approach at the time and didn’t even realize it.  It was fresh for then and it still sounds fresh now. If you want some timeless jazz guitar that owes a debt to Wes that has been paid with interest, check this out!”

JW Vibe by Jonathan Widran. “An album recorded 20, 30…even 60 years ago can sound as good and have as much emotional impact as a session recorded last month. This wondrous reality works to the great benefit of well-traveled veteran guitarist Henry Robinett, whose engaging, wildly swinging and adventurously arranged new quartet release Jazz Standards, Volume 1 was recorded back in 2000. With fluid lead melody lines and dynamic solos throughout, the collection captures the spirit of musicians having a blast while also paying homage to jazz greats.”

April 1, 2020 Contemporary Fusion Reviews by Dick Metcalf  “The recording is just beautiful, and each of the players exhibits flawless execution of the songs!”


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